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December 10th, 2011|

DMR – Cv & Foxx – Vybz Kartel, Shawn Still No Bail, Gaza Slim, Shoot Out In Kingston

DMR – Cv & Foxx – Vybz Kartel, Shawn Still No Bail, Gaza Slim, Shoot Out In Kingston

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  1. Gshotaz Boss says:

    i don’t know, but some countries camouflage dem, ah some crazy bright colors fi dem army or military. so if 20 man dead one time fi ah wear bright green camo in snow, you cyan seh dem no deserve fi dead lolz.

  2. Gshotaz Boss says:

    it come in like the movie 300,SPARTANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz

  3. DJSAMURAI says:

    new ago madman lol

  4. mark10 says:

    didi have sum gud tune but poppi ah lead him by far for now mi dont know what him ago bring to di table next year but him ting ah shattt now…..

  5. ign0rant1 says:

    Haha foxxxx a dats y we seh dmr to de werl eno….u n cv a clown eno…..but to how slim slim is she she can slip tru de bars eno n run a road…hahahaha… u fool eno hahahha anyting a anyting…foxx lowe de lizard lisa eno a swipe she swipe not jus stick out har tounge..hahaha…….sivva need fe get out fe real….hahaha cv seh de dj dem bias..hahahhaa sum a dem is fe real no lie if dem hear a crowd a seh da man deh bad dem go play all his tune dem even de ones dem wah no sound gud….but poppi a 2011 winner by man no drop a bad song yet….all his fukery dem a shaaat hillsssss mi seh…mi seh fukery cyaaa a dat sum ppl call dem.hahaha

    Agen all poppi fukery tune dem a shaaaaaat jus like pon bet wen ppl request fem pon de top 10 count dung……hahaha

  6. realcontry says:

    big up cv & foxx dis ep was funny dawg lol

  7. cj says:

    100 vs 10 hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    dat mi hear too maddddddddddd fuckry
    real ting soon or later dem ago find out di police dem tricks n bare ting! upgrade dem eh. slim aa don’t nore seen mek we gwaan wait!
    hahahaha foxx mi rate yuh enuh weh yuh seh lisa very ugly gyal how yuh nuh dwag hahahahaha. how dem fi left di galis sivva eh fuckry dem aa gwaan wid.
    pappi big up yuh gwaan good rite yah now dwn yah yuh lost vado last yuh last him!

  8. REMIXXXKING says:

    poppi gawn round dem, cause me a dj and me naw play fuckery inna di dance or pon radio enuh. so if yuh ting shot it fi get play. donia dem naw build quality tune weh deserve fi get play no bias ting. dat mi say…

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